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Who are we ? 

Telenco distribution is part of the Telenco Group, a global player in the Telecommunications network engineering sector.

The group has demonstrated exponential year-on-year growth of 23% since 2010. These results have been developed via a business model based on developing and distributing, market-led, highly innovative products and services and a business-culture oriented around high-quality customer service.

The group’s headcount, now exceeds 120 employees, based in two countries, and has a turnover of over 45 million euros. Additional subsidiaries in Portugal and Mexico are opening shortly.

Telenco distribution

From cable grips to sophisticated measurement and testing devices, from manhole levers to cable blowers/pushers, Telenco distribution stocks a broad range of proprietary/OEM high-quality Fibre Optic/Copper networking equipment. We currently provide installation equipment and network components/accessories to over 11,000 engineers and technicians working for one of France’s major telecommunications networks as well as over 15,000 other engineers, technicians and engineers.

Experts in marketing and logistics, we were the first European telecoms distributor to develop a full-service e-commerce platform and are the only French distributor to have developed a personalised extranet service through which over 600 orders are placed every month by a national network. A Paris-based showroom, where clients can browse and buy direct, is the latest addition to this multi-channel experience.


Everything under one roof for your Telecom engineers / technicians

Our comprehensive product portfolio enables us to cater to all our customers’ needs; effectively making

Telenco distribution a one-stop-shop for fibre and copper network equipment and accessories:

  • Cables/Push pull & deployment equipment
  • Tools (including our proprietary, specialist Fibre Optic hand tool brand TED)
  • Aerial/underground components for cable deployment
  • Fibre optic connection/splicing equipment
  • Measurement & Testing
  • Consumables

This comprehensive product portfolio in combination with our excellent reputation for customer service has made us a major French telecommunications distributor

Our Offering 

From hard hats to safety harnesses. From telecoms specific tools to day-to-day hardware. Telenco distribution’s comprehensive product portfolio includes its own TED brand, a range of technical, hard-wearing user-friendly equipment, purpose-built for the telecoms sector.
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From rodding to aerial clamps. From connectivity equipment to cables and duct equipment. Telenco distribution is the sister company of Telenco networks, a leading worldwide designer/manufacturer of engineering components for fibre & copper telecommunication networks. Whatever your needs on site, Telenco is here to help.
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From low-tech solutions like banana wire connectors, to the latest in high-tech measurement solutions for fibre optic/copper/LAN networks. Telenco exploits the significant expertise of its specialist sister company, Telenco Services, to ensure that whatever our clients’ testing/measurement requirements, we can provide a solution.
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